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Saddle Rock
Equine Therapy

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Meet Jennifer

Owner & Therapist

Jennifer Mischke is a Washington State licensed equine and human massage therapist located in Wenatchee, WA.

With 12 years experience in the massage therapy field, Jennifer knows how the body works. Whether the client is a horse or human, taking care of our bodies is what gives us balance and good health. 

Like humans, horses benefit immensely from bodywork. Our entire body works as a unit to get us where we need to go. If one thing is out of alignment, the rest will follow. Massage is also very beneficial in the prevention of injuries & improving performance.

Call or email me today to discuss how bodywork can benefit your horse!

I look forward to  building a relationship with you & your horse!

Horses in the pasture

"Jennifer's approach to each horse is unique to their own history, conformation, activity level & environment. When massage is performed on a consistent basis the positive effects build upon themselves over time." 

Equine Bodywork 

The benefits of equine massage include:

  • Boost in Athletic Performance

  • Improved Coordination

  • Pain Relief from Chronic Tension

  • Injury Prevention

  • Increased Range of Motion


If you wish to change the relationships among the bones, change the tensional balance through soft tissue & the bones will rearrange themselves

- Tom Myers  Anatomy Trains

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